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      Often stay up late to hurt your body, be careful to become h

      2020-05-20 10:41:46

      With the development of society, staying up late has become a common thing, and staying up late is also common for some people. Here, I remind people who often stay up late to pay attention to their health, and often stay up late to be careful to become hot and humid, which is harmful to our health. So many people don't know about damp heat constitution very well. Today I'd like to introduce it to you.
      4 factors make you become hot and humid
      Addicted to alcohol and tobacco, often stay up late: the teeth will be black, the tongue coating will be yellow and greasy, the mouth will be full of breath, and the body will taste great. Long term color yellow, lower body odor is very big, white belt more yellow.
      Improper Nourishment: if you eat a lot of tremella, bird's nest, Cordyceps sinensis, black chicken and white phoenix pill, improper nourishment, excessive nourishment will give birth to or aggravate damp and hot constitution.
      Depressed liver qi stagnation: long-term emotional depression, drink to drown worry.
      Environment: living in hot and humid environment for a long time, such as Guangdong. The sub-health state is mostly damp and hot constitution.
      What are the characteristics of damp heat constitution
      1. Character: irritable, irritable and eager.
      2. Mental state: easy to slack off, fatigue, sleepiness but light sleep.
      3. Body shape: easy to be puffy or thin.
      4. Skin: prone to oil, acne, eczema and other skin diseases, with yellow complexion, yellow tongue coating, greasy hair and falling off.
      5. Appetite: poor appetite, bitter mouth, bad breath, even nausea.
      6. Defecation: prone to yellow urination, with less urine, frequent urination and urgency, etc., dry constipation or loose diarrhea.
      7. Genitalia: men are prone to scrotal dampness, women are prone to leucorrhea, yellow color, private moist and other phenomena.
      How to regulate damp heat constitution?
      1. Regulating spirit
      In fact, the most important thing to alleviate the damp and hot constitution is to adjust your mental state. In general, the patients with damp and hot constitution will be grumpy or bored, or often angry. So, in our daily life, we must keep our mind stable, and then listen to more music with soothing spirit, or do proper aerobic exercise.
      2. Meridian conditioning
      The old Chinese Medicine suggested that if the patients with damp and hot constitution can do more work of regulating meridians and collaterals at ordinary times, the common ones are cupping or scraping, which can improve the situation of damp and hot stagnation in the body, and have a good therapeutic effect on the Yellow urination and upset mood. In addition, due to the mental restlessness, insomnia will occur, and the muscles of the whole body will also feel soreness, especially the muscles of the cervical part, which is more obvious. At this time, scrapping and cupping are very important.
      3. Exercise conditioning
      If there is damp heat constitution, then we must do a good job in clearing turbidity and removing dampness at ordinary times. At this time, you can do some exercises with high intensity or large amount of exercise. The common ones are mountain climbing, swimming, martial arts middle and long-distance running, etc., which can not only better eliminate the excess heat in the body, but also discharge the excess water, and play the role of heat and moisture removal. Health experts tell us that if you want to achieve the goal of heat and moisture removal, you'd better combine strength with middle and long distance running to exercise, so the effect is better.
      4. Drug conditioning
      Damp heat is actually a kind of disease, so it is necessary to take medicine if you want to recover your health quickly. From the clinical point of view, damp heat can be divided into many types. It needs to be clarified whether the humidity is heavier or the heat is heavier, or the two phases are even. If you want to work on dehumidification, you can take coix seed, almond, talcum, Maogen, raw licorice, etc.; if you take heat clearing as the main work, you can choose to take some violicin, huangcen, dandelion, honeysuckle, Coptis, chrysanthemum, etc.
      Especially for the night owls who often stay up late, we must pay attention to and do a good job of maintenance. At the same time, we must adjust our life and diet rules in time, so that we can go to bed early and get up early, so as to gradually adjust our physique. It is suggested that we should strengthen physical exercise at ordinary times, so as to improve our physical quality to a certain extent and avoid serious illness.

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