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      What is the medicinal effect of dandelion

      2020-05-20 10:24:52

      When it comes to dandelion, we can't be more familiar with it. In the countryside, dandelion is a kind of wild grass that can be seen everywhere in the field. Don't look down on it. It's a common Chinese medicine which can clear away heat and detoxify. There are many friends, will choose, dandelion, spring and summer flowers when the collection, wash and dry standby.
      Dandelion taste bitter, sweet and cold, into the liver, stomach meridian, with the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, swelling and resolving the knot, diuresis and gonorrhea. In Wang Fu's medical forest compilation in the Qing Dynasty, dandelion is evaluated as follows: "Dandelion can melt heat and poison, relieve food poisoning, eliminate swelling and nuclear, cure toxic mastitis, all of which have the function of reducing fire and stabilizing earth. Through the milk, to shape also. Fix teeth, remove Yang and heat. "
      Dandelion was first used as medicine in Tang Dynasty. It was mainly used for "breast carbuncle" at that time, that is, acute inflammation caused by poor excretion of milk. It is still a special drug for treating breast carbuncle. Dandelion can be used to treat breast carbuncle. No matter how it is used, it can be used, no matter whether it is taken with fresh grass and mashed with juice, dry product and fried, or mashed with external application. It can reduce swelling and relieve pain Very good effect, in addition to dandelion alone, for acute mastitis, but also with honeysuckle, forsythia and other compatible use.
      Dandelion not only can treat mastitis, but also has an important application in heat clearing and detoxification. For example, in the treatment of acute fever such as upper respiratory tract infection and acute hepatitis, dandelion can be used alone or in combination with Folium Isatidis, Radix Isatidis and honeysuckle; But in the treatment of fulminant (i.e. acute suppurative inflammation of the skin), dandelion is often used in the combination of Viola, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle and so on. The five flavor disinfectant drink in the Qing Dynasty "yizongjinjian" is the famous prescription for fulminant.
      Dandelion is better than white tiger soup. Dandelion also has a unique function in clearing stomach fire. Dandelion can clear and diarrhea stomach fire, and often take it will not affect the stomach qi. For chronic gastritis and gastric ulcer caused by strong stomach fire, drinking fresh dandelion boiling water or eating the cooked dandelion will have a good effect. A small amount of dandelion, combined with orange peel, Amomum villosum and other traditional Chinese medicine, can have the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, for dyspepsia, stomachache, chronic gastritis and other diseases.
      Dandelion is not only in the stomach, but also in the liver. Therefore, dandelion decoction can be used to fumigate and wash the eye red swelling and pain caused by liver fire, such as acute conjunctivitis, eyelid margin inflammation and other diseases, with good effect. There is a "dandelion soup" in the medical records of zhongshenxi. It is the syndrome that dandelion is deep fried and taken internally to treat eye diseases, swelling and pain, pterygium to cover the eyes, red vein eyes, eye pain to connect the brain, shame and tears.
      In addition to the powerful effect of dandelion mentioned above, dandelion can also be used for diuresis and gonorrhea. For friends with urinary tract infection, it has a particularly good therapeutic effect. In addition, the fresh dandelion mashed, and mixed with egg white for external use, can treat mumps. Dandelion has a very good curative effect, but it is mainly used in some problems caused by the heat of water and fire, but if it is not, the real fire, heat poisoning, then diarrhea may occur.

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