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      Honey, lemon, boiled water How to drink the first glass of w

      2020-05-21 09:35:45

      For health preserving friends, we all know that drinking the first glass of water on an empty stomach after getting up in the morning is particularly beneficial to our health. But how to drink this glass of water is the right health? Boiled water, lemon water, honey water, juice milk, light salt water, which water should we choose? Let's learn together.
      Drinking boiled water in the morning
      It is best to drink water in the morning, which is the same as the room temperature, in order to minimize the gastrointestinal irritation. It is found that boiled water cooled to 20-25 ℃ is the best choice, because the active organisms contained in it can promote metabolism and enhance the immune function of * through cell membrane.
      Those who are used to drinking warm or cool boiled water have good metabolism and less lactic acid accumulation in muscle tissue, so they are not easy to feel tired. Moreover, calcium and magnesium in boiled water are very beneficial to health. However, don't drink cold water after getting up in the morning, it will stimulate the stomach and can't reach the intestine, thus causing flatulence in the body.
      Get up in the morning and drink honey water
      By contrast, it's more scientific to get up in the morning and drink a cup of honey water. After a night's sleep, most of the water in the body has been excreted and absorbed. Drinking a cup of honey water in this time and space can not only supplement water, but also increase nutrition, which can completely replace the position of boiled water.
      Get up in the morning and drink lemonade
      Every morning, it's better to drink a cup of warm boiled water with fresh lemon slices on an empty stomach before eating. It's not only the best acid-base neutralizing agent for the body, but also has the effect of removing the feces and toxins. In addition, if you have trouble with bad breath, it can also magically help you improve.
      Drinking light salt water in the morning
      Many people think that drinking light salt water is good for their health, so it is wrong to drink light salt water in the morning. If you get up in the morning and drink some boiled water, you can quickly dilute the blood and correct the hypertonic dehydration at night. However, drinking salt water will aggravate hypertonic dehydration and make the mouth dry. Besides, morning is the first peak of blood pressure rise. Drinking salt water will make blood pressure higher.
      Get up in the morning and drink juice
      Drinking juice in the morning can not provide the most needed water for the body at this time, and it is not conducive to the health of the body to let the gastrointestinal tract work under the condition of water shortage. If you drink the fruit juice, coke, soda and so on, it's even more wrong. Soda and coke and other carbonated drinks will accelerate the excretion of calcium. Drinking in the morning not only can't effectively supplement the body's lack of water, but also increase the body's demand for water, which results in the body's lack of water.
      Six morning milk
      It's right to drink milk in the morning, but it's wrong to put it in the first glass. Drinking milk on an empty stomach is just "passing through the intestines". When the stomach is too late to digest and the intestines are too late to absorb, the nutritional value of milk cannot be reflected. Some people have reactions such as flatulence, which turns good things into bad things. Therefore, drinking milk in the morning is used as a "breakfast", and must be accompanied by carbohydrates to eat together, in order to give full play to the nutritional value of protein.


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